How to Install and Configure SquirrelMail On Linux

How to Install and Configure SquirrelMail

SquirrelMail is a web based email program. Being web based it is available through any browser and any computer with an internet connection. Software does not have to be installed on your local computer. SquirrelMail is free and included with all web hosting accounts from 24-7 Webs.

Install Squirrelmail

Install EPEL repository first. And install SquirrelMail package from EPEL repository.

[root@foxutech ~]# wget

[root@foxutech ~]# rpm -ivh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

[root@foxutech ~]# yum install squirrelmail

[root@foxutech ~]# service httpd start

Starting httpd:                     [ OK ]

[root@foxutech ~]# chkconfig httpd on

[root@foxutech ~]#

Configure Squirrelmail

Go to the squirrelmail config directory and use the command ./conf.plto start configure as shown below.

[root@foxutech ~]# cd /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/

[root@foxutech config]# ./

SquirrelMail Configuration : Read: config.php (1.4.0)


Main Menu —

  1. Organization Preferences
  2. Server Settings
  3. Folder Defaults
  4. General Options
  5. Themes
  6. Address Books
  7. Message of the Day (MOTD)
  8. Plugins
  9. Database
  10. Languages
  11. Set pre-defined settings for specific IMAP servers

C Turn color off

S Save data

Q Quit

Command >>1

Select option 1 and set organization details.

SquirrelMail Configuration : Read: config.php (1.4.0)


Organization Preferences

  1. Organization Name   : Foxutech
  2. Organization Logo   : ../images/sm_logo.png
  3. Org. Logo Width/Height : (308/111)
  4. Organization Title   : Welcome to Foxutech webmail
  5. Signout Page     :
  6. Top Frame       : _top
  7. Provider link     : http://foxutech .com
  8. Provider name     : Foxutech

R Return to Main Menu

C Turn color off

S Save data

Q Quit

Command >>R

Press R to return main menu and select option 2. Enter your domain name and select dovecot in the Sendmail or SMTP parameter.

SquirrelMail Configuration : Read: config.php (1.4.0)


Server Settings



  1. Domain         : Foxutech .com
  2. Invert Time     : false
  3. Sendmail or SMTP   : SMTP
  4. Update IMAP Settings : localhost:143 (uw)
  5. Update SMTP Settings : localhost:25

R Return to Main Menu

C Turn color off

S Save data

Q Quit

Command >>S

Once you done, press S to save datas and press Q to exit.

Add the following lines in the httpd.conf file at the end.

[root@foxutech ~]# vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Alias /squirrelmail /usr/share/squirrelmail

<Directory /usr/share/squirrelmail>

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine On

AllowOverride All

DirectoryIndex index.php

Order allow,deny

Allow from all


Restart the httpd service.

[root@foxutech ~]# service httpd restart

Stopping httpd:                     [ OK ]

Starting httpd:                     [ OK ]

[root@foxutech ~]#

Create Users

[root@foxutech ~]# useradd linuxuser1

[root@foxutech ~]# useradd linuxuser2

[root@foxutech ~]# passwd linuxuser1

[root@foxutech ~]# passwd linuxuser2

Open the browser from any clients. Type the following in the address bar.


Fig : Squirrelmail Login Window

Squirrelmail login

Fig : After login